Reza Bassiri — Fashion Faces


Coming from a family of artists, I naturally grew a passion for illustration. I would draw everywhere with anything ( at age two, I once used my own poop on a wall – lucky parents )… Listening to a wide variety of music and having a keyboard at home, my second passion developed in the form of music. Later in Junior high school, I started writing electronic dance music with friends and by the end of high school, we had a complete home studio and two released tracks on the european markets. With music, I could express my love of graphic design with the covers and videos I imagined. After graduation my dream came true when I was accepted to study Graphic Design at the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California. Not only did I learn from amazing teachers, sociology, design and the arts, I continued music at night finding balance between clubs and recording studios. It was my only way of keeping a certain sanity with the fast pace of the ArtCenter.

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